Cotton Seed (Delinted)

Rustam Cotton Seed Committed:

Rustam Cotton Seed provide Excellent Crop Yield, 100% Seed germination, Very low pest attack & Virus free Crop. | Available in multiple Varieties.

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Product Description


  • Provide you excellent / high crop yield because Rustam Cotton Seed Certified from “Federal Seed Certification”
  • 100% seed germination because we delint seed with dry acid.
  • Seed treated with “Imidacloprid 70ws”, so, Rustam seed have good resistance power against all types of pest attack.
  • Rustam Seed breed via virus Free field & will lead to healthy crop.

Standard Production Procedure of  “Rustam” Cotton Seed (Delinted)

  1. Seed Purification & Germination Test from Jullundur Seed Laboratory.
  2. Cleaning of seed Fuzz with modern machinery.
  3. Delinting with Dry Acid “HCL American Delinting Plant”.
  4. Separation of seed & dust using dust separator.
  5. Seed neutralization of seed from all types of acidic effects.
  6. 100% pure Seed Grading from Grader & separation of defective seed.
  7. Seed treated with “Imidacloprid 70ws” uniformly on automatic plant.

Additional Information

Weight 200 kg

Rustam cotton Seed delinted available in 5 kg Packing only


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