Long Jump

Rustam “Logn Jump” multicut  sorghum  is very popular in Pakistan . It  can  be grown  in  any  type  of  soil  but  loam  soils  have proved to give more yield.  Avaialbe in 10 kg packing.

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Product Description

Sorghum as green foliage is very popular in most parts Paksitan. In summer, under irrigated  conditions,  Rustam “Logn Jump” multicut  sorghum  is very popular. It does well under hot and dry climate. It requires well-drained  soil  and appears susceptible to  water  logging   conditions.  Though  it  can  be grown  in  any  type  of  soil  but  loam  soils  have proved to give more yield. The sowing is done in April and August for fodder and June and July for grains  in  Pakistan. When  sown  for  fodder,  the  seed rate varies from 55-60 kg per hectare and for taking grains from  15-20 kg. It  is  generally sown  mixed with legumes like cowpea and moth in a ratio 2:1. Mostly  the sorghum  seeds are broadcaster which are then mixed with the soil by various means such as by a cultivator or harrow. Finally the operation is completed by planking.

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Weight 200 kg


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