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This is and will remain our 1st priority in all aspects of our deal i.e. customer, employees and EI’s (external influences) and will not compromise on quality (our Repo) and on other deals. Besides, JPL also want and expect ethical response from our customers and employees


No company can progress without a desire (in fact a mad desire) of its employees and employee’s ownership becomes stronger with company’s ownership. JPL understand employees as an asset and as an integral part of company. We also understand that ownership becomes even stronger when company and personal goals are aligned/ overlapping. So JPL owns its employees (in fact JPL family is our heritage) and expects complete ownership from all (specially employees)


PL believes in providing quality and complete solutions of our customer’s need. So we’ll always look for low cost solutions (customer’s permanent want) without compromising on quality (due to which customer always returns to JPL). So we are keeping all options open e.g. local/self manufacturing or production, local/self-formulations,imports etc. for providing low cost quality solution to our customers.

Besides, we also are ensuring cost effective and ethical processes internally and externally. So to meet this core value and customers need we try to be very cost effective and monitor our internal and external expenses very effectively. Due to ownership, family culture and rich heritage of company we live and manage within our own resources. Also we try interest free cash circulation and that is why company tries to purchase (own) all resources/infrastructure required in our business cycle.

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