Choosing the Right Seed before exploring how to best grow your seeds and seedlings, start with the right seed. If you intend to run your operation as certified, you are required to use certified seed.

It’s all about the quality — quality seed production, quality varieties and quality relationships —this was true five decades ago when we first got started and it’s just as true today. Jullundur Seed Corporation founded on principle with common ownership and belief in innovation.





Good seed quality essential for crop productivity

Seeds are the starting material for most crops and the use of good quality seeds is essential for crops to become established. High quality seeds deliver farmers a higher yield via seedlings with increased stress tolerance, an enhanced ability to compete with weeds and a better use of fertiliser and other inputs. Julludnur Seed Corporation research in seed technology, and is developing innovative methods for upgrading seed lots and prolonging the shelf life of seeds.

Seed storage and longevity

storageIn itself it is remarkable that most seeds can be dried, stored and kept alive for a pretty long period of time. Unfortunately, however, the quality of the seeds declines during storage. This deterioration accelerates in moist and warm conditions such as the tropics. For this reason, commercial seed storage for the more expensive vegetable seeds requires relatively cool and dry conditions, with seeds being packed in hermetically sealed pouches.

Reducing quality loss during seed storage

Cool and dry storage of seeds is relatively expensive. Moreover, seed companies have no control over the storage temperature when the seeds are at dealers or farmers. JPL scientists showed that seed longevity can be considerably extended by storing dry seeds under oxygen-free conditions. This technology has great potential for storage of seeds with a short shelf life and in the tropics, where cool storage is expensive or not even an option.