Under the corporate vision of JPL group of enhancing farmers’ yield, JPL Micronutrients plant, manufacturing micro fertilizers including Amino acids, sulphur, magnese, iron, copper, plant health based PGR, Potassium offering Zinc based supplements is aimed at facilitating the farmers with additional satisfaction and quality farming practices.


Micro fertilizers also known as crop supplements and yield boosters ensures quality crop, mitigates the health risks of the crops, enhances the nutritional richness and subsequently the value of the crop is generated in the shape of higher yield received to the farmer.


JPL Group is the only company offering a combination of almost all Agri input systems including seeds, fertilizers and Agro Chemicals under one company.  We categories our best quality micro fertilizers products as under.

Micro Nutrients

JPL’s range of Specialty Nutrients is designed to provide plant organisms with all the elements they need to grow healthy and strong. Water Soluble Potash. Bio Stimulants in Pakistan, have fueled Jullundur Agro to consistently strive for more innovation in this category. Our Specialty Nutrients range as under

Bio Stimulants

Agricultural growing practices have been evolving towards organic, sustainable and environmental friendly systems. The aim of modern agriculture is to reduce inputs without reducing the yield and quality.

Our Bio stimulant range of Sea Weed Extracts are able to improve the nutrient use efficiency of the plant and enhance tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses improving the yield and the quality. Another FIRST in the cap of our innovative range of products.

Soil Amendments

Amendments are added to soil to change and improve it. Unlike fertilizers, which add nutrients to soil, amendments modify the condition of the soil itself. The condition of the soil and specifically its suitability for supporting plant roots is what soil experts call “tilth.” When tilth is right, plants experience healthy growth.

Soil Amendar

Used properly, amendments alter soil so growing becomes simpler. For example, roots penetrate surrounding soil more easily and water infiltration improves. Soil amendments also change soil in ways that affect the availability of plant nutrients that occur naturally or that are added by fertilizers. Fertilizers impact plant growth directly, while soil amendments affect growth indirectly and sometimes deliver nutrients as a bonus. Soil amendments aren’t fertilizer substitutes. Instead, they help fertilizers do the job they’re intended to do by getting tilth and other factors in order.