The primary Cotton Ginning unit that the company set up was in Arifwala, Punjab. in 1952. Between 1952 and 1986, the company further invested into next ginning unit, located in Punjab. Aiming to strategically build concentration into a central location close to the port of Karachi, this unit were later divested and the company elected to set up large scale ginning units in Rahim Yar Khan.

The inspiration behind this was to be strategically concentrated in the premium cotton growing areas in proximity to the port of Karachi, giving FIL a competitive advantage in sourcing quality raw materials and allowing access to Sindh and International markets.

ARF Ginning
RYK Ginning

We manufacture a range of premium quality cotton seed. Our processing capacity for Raw Cotton is above 20 MT/ DAY.

With decades of experience in the ginning industry, we have evolved to be one of the largest players in the local and international markets, serving diversified international markets.

Our strengths in Cotton:

Due to solid business relationships and our presence in all key cotton producing areas of Pakistan, our Cotton Platform has steadily increased its business volumes and built a strong reputation with both suppliers and customers. Our skill at monitoring and managing supply and demand fundamentals is one of our key competitive advantages.

About Cotton:

Cotton is a bulk staple fiber produced from the cotton plant. It serves as the primary raw material for textiles all over the globe. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions, within latitudes that provide a long frost-free growing period of 150 or more days per year. Once harvested, cotton fiber is separated from its seed and is traded in bales of 160-180 KG each. Crushed cotton seed produces oil primarily used for cooking and is a meal used for animal feed.