The symptoms of rice blast include lesions that can be found on all parts of the plant, including leaves, leaf collars, necks, panicles, pedicels, and seeds. A recent report shows that even roots can become infected.

Rice Blast (900 x 150)

Weather Conditions Suitable for This Disease When

  1. Day and Nigh Temperature difference more than 6 Degree Centigrade
  2. Moisture level in air more than 65% (Humidity Level)
  3. Sunny days.

Therefore, Coming days after rains are very much favourable for this disease.


For Rice Blast best is preventive spray of Rustam products RECADO SUPER OR DIFENOCONAZOLE repeat every 7-8 days to avoid this disease. Dose as per label attached on bottle/Packs.

On appearance of this disease same spray programme should be repeat the dose rate could be increased as per the disease intensity.

01 - Rice Blast
Severe Spots on Leave
02 - Rice Blast
Severe Spots on Leave
03 - Rice Blast
Severe Spots on Leave
Severe Blast Attack on Rice Crops - Field Pictures

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