Jullundur Private Limited has managed to increase the production of disease free potato seed through Tissue Culture Technique from 500 M. tons to 750 M. tons. In view of the increased demand of the potato growers as the JPL potato seed is healthy/disease free, better in quality than imported and economical.

Tissue Culture Laboratory produces seed stock for the publicly available varieties of seed potato growers in Punjab. The potato tissue culture laboratory is part of the seed Corporation. Each year, number of tissue culture plant derived from potato tubers are sent to the seed farm for production at large scale.

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The purpose of the potato tissue culture laboratory is to

  • Provide healthy planting stocks to the potato farmers, and researchers
  • Maintain and revive a comprehensive collection of commercial potato varieties in tissue culture
  • Perform pathogen testing on grower samples to help them stay in compliance with state, national, and international seed potato certification standards
  • Perform research focused on improving potato tissue culture growth to benefit the public
  • Perform outreach activities such as lab tours, training, and presentations on current research
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