Our effort is to develop relations that unite community across the world by sharing the unique

 aroma of Rice in food. This is the real fragrance ever found in any rice except Pakistan .

Rustam Rice is a best option in rice that connects with consumers, farmers and communities. It is a symbol of prestigious brand that’s quality never be compromised.

We believe that for us it is a Passion of Purity as quality is our business. Our slogan, “We don’t sell rice rather buy our customer’s satisfaction” make sense. As people across the world are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat. Rustam Rice is the only Rice that suits every community by taste and successfully running in domestic market.

Glimpse of Rice Mills

Night Vision of Rice Mills - Arifwala
Modern Rice Mill Arifwala
Rice Mills Indoor - Arifwala
Modern Rice Mill Arifwala

Pakistan: is the producer of the world’s finest long grain aromatic basmati & various rice varieties.
Basmati, the king of rice, is held in the highest regard world over. Among all the other varieties of rice, none have the distinctive long grains or the subtle aroma for which this grain is considered so special. This also justifies the premium this rice commands against all other rice of the world.

It takes birth in the most fertile valleys and plains of Pakistan. It is harvested by hand with delicate care, aged to perfection and then processed. The result is an extra long, pearly white, delicate grain with an irresistible aroma and delectable taste bringing alive an age of nawabs and emperors, glittering courts and legendary chefs.

The legend says that basmati rice was meant to be consumed by maharajas (kings), maharanis (queens), princes and royal families. This unique rice is just one crop a year grown only in Pakistan and northern India, the region known as old Punjab – the land of five rivers originating from Himalayas.

Rice Products

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Rustam Super Sella Rice

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Rustam Basmati Kachi

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Rustam Kainat Supper 

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Rustam Basmati Pakki