Rapeseed (Brassica rapa and B. napus) and mustard (B. juncea) are the important crop of Brassica group grown as oilseed crops in Pakistan. These have remained one of the major sources of oil in the sub-continent for centuries. Rapeseed and mustard are rich source of oil and contains 44-46% good quality oil. In addition, its meal has 38-40% protein that has a complete profile

 of amino acids including lysine, methionine and cystine. The meal from canola quality rapeseed varieties is an excellent feed for animals and birds especially for poultry.

Light to heavy soil is good for mustard and rapeseed cultivation. Raya can be grown in all type of soil whereas loam to heavy soils are suitable for toria crop. Sandy and loamy sand soils are suitable for Taramira crops.