Cotton Seed (Fuzzy)

Rustam Cotton Seed Committed:

Rustam Cotton Seed provide Excellent Crop Yield, 100% Seed germination, Very low pest attack & Virus free Crop. | Available in multiple Varieties.

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Product Description


  • Excellent / high crop yield because Rustam Cotton Seed Certified from “Federal Seed Certification”
  • 100% seed germination because we ensure every single seed purity.
  • Special selected seed after grading on Modern plants.
  • Rustam Seed breed via virus Free field that will lead to healthy crop.
  • Having 65 years Farmers believe.

Standard Production Procedure of  “Rustam” Cotton Seed (Fuzzy)

  1. Virus free crop selected after technical team inspection.
  2. Special Labour deployed in field for picking cotton carefully and assure seed purity & variety.
  3. Variety wise seed separation by JPL Technical Expert & Labour after Ginning process.
  4. Seed Purification & Germination Test from Jullundur Seed Laboratory.
  5. Seed grading to separate under weight &  week/dead seed.
  6. Pack in permeable packing & fumigated stores.
  7. Ready to dispatch.

Additional Information

Weight 200 kg


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